Digital Trading Cards?

Okay, I came across this site and was like what the heck is this? I’m a designer and so I like cool illustrations, but I was never into card collections or anything like that. My mom wouldn’t let me have Garbage Pail Kids but I had a few baseball cards when I was younger. At [...]

Reversing Trackpad Scroll Direction in Windows

When OSX Lion was released last July, I was a little surprised by the bold change to have scrolling reversed by default. I totally get why they made the change, but it’s amazing to think about how much frustration this must have caused for people who have been scrolling the opposite direction for a while [...]

Font rendering issue fixed (finally)

For several months now I’ve been seeing strange artifacts appear for certain fonts when viewed in my webkit-based browsers such as Chrome and Safari, as well as in Firefox. This was only happening on my Windows machine and didn’t show up in Internet Explorer for some reason. After looking at the source for these pages, [...]

Apple iTunes Icon – The Missing Link

A couple weeks ago when Apple released iTunes 10, I immediately pulled down the update. I was impressed by most of the visual enhancements made to the product. However, like many others, the new application icon left me feeling a little surprised. Since I didn’t watch the press event, I saw the icon for the [...]