Color Experiment II

Lately I’ve been mesmerized by all the trees that seem to be transforming right in front of me every day. Just looking around I can see an abundance of vibrant colors and some truly fabulous combinations. For my second color experiment I decided to try to capture a sequence of colors from multiple leaves on [...]

Color Experiment I

Deriving a color palette from seasonal photos It was a beautiful October day in the Snoqualmie River Valley and I thought it was the perfect chance to go out and capture some of the amazing fall colors. When I got back I wanted to do something fun with the pictures so I decided to extract [...]

Pioneer Square Photo Walk

Exploring the nooks and crannies of Seattle’s historic pioneer square district In Seattle, there are many cool neighborhoods which are perfect for wandering and discovering new things. Pioneer Square is one such neighborhood with a nice blend of upscale shops, combined with some nice alley-way grime. This delicate balance is often hard to find. If [...]