Digital Trading Cards?

Okay, I came across this site and was like what the heck is this? I’m a designer and so I like cool illustrations, but I was never into card collections or anything like that. My mom wouldn’t let me have Garbage Pail Kids but I had a few baseball cards when I was younger. At [...]

Correct Usage of the Ellipsis (…) in UI Text

Trying to figure out when and why to use the ellipsis within UI can be somewhat confusing. It isn’t always your best bet to look at other products for the answer because the guidelines are often not followed. If that’s the case, you might be wondering, if the big software companies don’t even get it [...]

Microsoft Evolves IE Logo

Following on the heels of the iTunes icon redesign, Microsoft is sharing some of their design work as they prepare for the release of IE 9. One key difference between the way Apple and Microsoft approached their respective redesign efforts is how Microsoft chose to carefully evolve the existing design rather than make a dramatic [...]