Color Experiment I

Deriving a color palette from seasonal photos

It was a beautiful October day in the Snoqualmie River Valley and I thought it was the perfect chance to go out and capture some of the amazing fall colors. When I got back I wanted to do something fun with the pictures so I decided to extract some color and create a palette that was representative of the photo shoot.

Create a Photo Collage

The first thing I did was drop the best shots into a single image that I could then use as the basis for the reduced color palette (see them all on Flickr).

Optimize the Palette

From there I let Photoshop figure out the 100 most common colors by converting the image to Indexed Color using the Local-Adaptive option with the number of colors set to 100. 

Finally, I widdled the number of colors down even further by selecting 46 of the most interesting colors to arrive at the final palette seen here.

Automatic Color Palette Generators

Although I like the creative control of picking the final colors myself, there are a couple of online tools that can speed up the process a bit.

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