Font rendering issue fixed (finally)

For several months now I’ve been seeing strange artifacts appear for certain fonts when viewed in my webkit-based browsers such as Chrome and Safari, as well as in Firefox. This was only happening on my Windows machine and didn’t show up in Internet Explorer for some reason. After looking at the source for these pages, they all seemed to be referencing Helvetica as the primary font in the style sheet.

Finally, this post at TechRepublic helped me figure it out. As it turns out, the corrupt font is not actually named “Helvetica”, but does show up in various apps like Word, etc. as Helvetica. This strange font appears in the Windows/Fonts folder like this. Once I deleted it, everything was all good and back to normal.

Thanks to user jerang for posting the original question. Now, I can put this annoyance behind me and move on : ) with my life.

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