Microsoft Evolves IE Logo

Internet Explorer Logos

Following on the heels of the iTunes icon redesign, Microsoft is sharing some of their design work as they prepare for the release of IE 9. One key difference between the way Apple and Microsoft approached their respective redesign efforts is how Microsoft chose to carefully evolve the existing design rather than make a dramatic departure.

To be fair, the scope of Microsoft’s redesign is slightly larger since they are updating a logo and not just a product icon. Still, in both cases this is the primary symbol that is associated with each of the products. In Apple’s case, getting rid of the CD was clearly the right move but I really think they jumped forward too far in one step. Smaller, more evolutionary steps may have been a better approach here.

Experimental iTunes IconJust for fun I decided to see what the iTunes icon might have looked like if things hadn’t been so rushed. The icon that I came up with is basically a blend between the old and the new, but it seems like it could work as a transition between the two.

With visual design, you’re never going to please everyone, but taking the time to carefully consider certain graphical elements is probably a wise choice. It just goes to show you how powerful these brand elements can become once the consumer has been exposed to them for a while.

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